Volunteers & Chaperones

Parents, if you are considering volunteering this year or being a field trip chaperone, you will need to complete volunteer training.  Volunteers and chaperones must be trained EVERY YEAR.  If you complete training during the 2022-2023 year at another school, please ask them to fax your paperwork to 443-809-5315 so that we know you have been trained.  Please be advised that without the annual training, you may not volunteer in the school or chaperone field trips. 

Step 1: Complete the BCPS Volunteer Application - Complete and save a copy to your computer or device. You will need to send this along with your training certificates to the volunteer coordinator at your desired location. Applications are available in the following languages:  Spanish Arabic | Burmese | French | Nepali  Russian Urdu | Vietnamese Yoruba 

Step 2:
Complete the online Volunteer Orientation training. The training is available in English and Spanish. Once the user has logged in, language selection is at the top right next to the profile picture.

If you have completed training in the past but don't remember your login information, please email your school's volunteer coordinator for assistance in recovery. Once you've completed the training you will be provided with a certificate. Please save a copy (electronic or printed) for your records.

Step 3:  Send your certificate and application to the volunteer coordinator or teacher organizing a field trip. Thank you for volunteering!