Magnet Programs

Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology offers a unique exploratory magnet program for students in grades six, seven, and eight. Students in grade six spend one quarter of the school year in each of the four magnet courses: Applied Engineering, Environmental Science, Mass Communication, and Visual & Graphic Arts. Seventh grade students narrow their course of study to two of the four magnet strands, spending one semester in each. Eighth grade students select one magnet course for a concentrated year of study. To learn more about Parkville's magnet program, check out this youtube video. For more information about BCPS magnet programs and the application process please visit the BCPS Office of Magnet Programs webpage.

Mass Communication
The Mass Communication program challenges students to develop skills needed for effective written, oral, and visual communication. The program provides experiences with the technology used for television, radio, and computer-based publications. Students design and produce projects such as journals, newsletters, newspapers, as well as radio and television broadcasts. Students apply their skills in reading, analysis, investigative research, narrative and persuasive writing, and critical thinking. Programs in Mass Communication, Television and Radio, and Multimedia exist at the high school level. In addition, students will be prepared to participate in high school journalism, yearbook, debate, and mock trial programs.
Instructor: Zachary Orton

Applied Engineering
The Applied Engineering program provides students with a range of experiences in the application of scientific and mathematical principles combined with computer science and technical skills. Students gain opportunities to explore the many aspects of engineering, both in theory and in practical applications. Students study electricity, hydraulics, aeronautics, buoyancy, magnetism, construction, and many other topics. The engineering program emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, and application of knowledge in real-world situations. This program provides a foundation for students who wish to continue in a high school magnet program in engineering, science, or math.
Instructor: Kevin Peck

Visual & Graphic Arts
The Visual & Graphic Arts program emphasizes creative and critical thinking abilities of students through problem solving as they explore the many facets of the world of art. In addition to the development of skills in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking, students use computer technology to expand their design capability. Students explore the function of art in today's society through advertising, graphic design, and illustration. Students are encouraged and assisted in the development of portfolios that they may use to audition for high school magnet art programs at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts and Carver Center for Arts & Technology.
Instructor: Kathryn Knight & Jennifer Rickenback

The Sustainable Engineering and Architectural Systems (SEAS) program gives students the opportunity to explore the rapidly growing field of Environmental Engineering using conventional instruction and architectural design computer programs.  Units of study include Energy and the Environment and Green Architecture.  During the Energy and the Environment unit, students look at problems surrounding our use of energy, and explore alternative and more eco-friendly energy sources.  The Green Architecture unit leads students to discover architectural design techniques, building construction design, and environmentally-friendly design concepts.  The SEAS program has interdisciplinary connections to topics covered in science classes regarding ecosystems and human interaction with the plant and animal kingdoms.  Eighth-grade students use their combined knowledge of science and the SEAS program to design a specific animal habitat that will maintain a healthy balance between engineering and the environment.
Instructor: Michele Stuchell