About Parkville

Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology consists of a comprehensive academic program and a magnet program in grades six through eight. The magnet program comprises approximately one third of the student population and offers courses in Applied Engineering, Sustainable Engineering and Architectural Systems (SEAS), Mass Communications, and Visual and Graphic Arts. Students in both the comprehensive and magnet programs are integrated in all academic courses.

The school is situated on a campus of approximately five acres in the heart of the Parkville community, on the northeastern side of Baltimore County. This strong community includes a blend of professional and blue-collar workers who are very supportive of their children and the school. Parkville Middle has been an integral member of the community and has maintained a strong academic tradition since it opened. The school was originally built and used as a high school in 1953 and was later converted to a junior high school in 1958. To learn more about Parkville Middle School's academic achievements, please visit the MSDE Maryland Report Card.

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